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How a clean office can make your business more profitable

How much do you pay for your weekly or fortnightly clean?

If you hire a cleaner for 2 hours a week, it’s probably around £340 over a three-month period. But are you getting your money’s worth?

If you’re busy juggling family, work and social lives, a regular cleaner can help ease the burden of cleaning. On the other hand, they might not make all that much difference.


Because keeping on top of the day-to-day cleaning might not be an issue for you – it’s not an exaggeration to say that anti-bac wipes and cordless hoovers have revolutionised home cleaning!

You might be fine doing the hoovering, giving the bathrooms a quick wipe over, and so on. But the cleaning jobs you can’t abide, the ones that are continually shifted to the bottom of the to do list, are usually the ones regular cleaners can’t take off your plate.

Two hours per week simply doesn’t give them enough time.

What’s worse is that the longer these jobs are left, the worse they get and the more unhygienic your home becomes. Because of this, you may not feel that a huge burden has been lifted by investing in a regular cleaner – you might even be one of those people who ends up doing more cleaning in preparation for the cleaner to clean!

What kind of jobs are we talking about? Basically, anything that sounds unpleasant, tricky or time-consuming. Things like:

Cleaning the insides and tops of cupboards

Descaling the taps

Cleaning the tile grout

Cleaning the insides of your windows

Scrubbing the microwave

Deep dusting corners and cobwebs

Getting grime off the blinds

Cleaning behind and under the kitchen appliances

Imagine if you could tick all these and then some off your list in one go…

That instead of or – let’s push the boat out - as well as a weekly clean, you could have a deep clean every few months instead. That rather than giving up several consecutive weekends to tackle these unappealing and, let’s be honest, dull tasks, a team of three cleaners could do the lot in the space of 3-6 hours.

The good news is, you don’t have to imagine. A deep cleaning specialist, like Glân, can do a one-off home clean from as little as £135 – when it suits you. You can even get your oven and windows cleaned at the same time.

If we take £135 away from £340, that’s an extra £205 in your pocket for choosing a deep clean over a regular clean. Surely it’s worth thinking about?