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How a clean office can make your business more profitable

How a clean office can make your business more profitable

You might be quite disturbed to know that 97% of offices don’t sufficiently clean their equipment. If you’re one of them, you’re in good company statistics-wise, but do you know how an unclean office can affect your financial figures?

You might think you’ve got it covered, what with having a professional cleaning company on board, but if your goal is to make your business a success you need to be sure your contractors are regularly cleaning to the right standard - and that they’re covering the big, ad hoc jobs too.

It literally can make all the difference to your bottom line – and here’s why:

A clean workplace attracts skilled employees.

A study by Furniture 123 found that 32% of workers would reconsider taking a new role if they felt the office was dirty or unhygienic. What’s more, many candidates look at reviews from current or past employees when deciding whether to take the job. If you invest in cleaning, these employees can be great advocates and shout about what a great employer you are. If you don’t, you could end up losing highly sought-after workers whose skills could have boosted your turnover.

It motivates employees

80% of workers rate general cleanliness as important in their work environment, and 70% say the same of tidiness. It makes sense –on average, they spend around eight hours a day at work and we all know how overwhelming it can be trying to get things done when the place is a tip.

Improving office cleanliness increases employee happiness and makes it easier for them to get things done – they usually make a better impression with clients too. You could even see a marked increase in productivity!

It attracts customers

First impressions count. Welcoming prospective customers into a clean and tidy space shows them that you care – about them and your employees. It’s more likely to instil confidence in your efficiency and good customer service, as well as making them feel more comfortable in the process. Aside from that, if your office cleanliness is up to scratch you’ll probably feel more authentic selling them on your ‘high standards’.

It improves your reputation

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, a tidy environment conveys quality and professionalism. Customers and prospects will judge you on how you look and will form opinions about your products or services as a result. If you want your office to reflect your brand proposition and values, you need to make sure the cleaning quality matches up. This will also guard against disgruntled employees making public accusations about your poor office standards!

It reduces the cost of lost time

In 2016, sick days cost employers an average of £522 per employee. An unhygienic work environment increases the risk of germs and allergens and makes it more possible for infections to spread. Properly disinfecting surfaces and ensuring your facilities are cleaned to the highest standards will help minimise the likelihood of illness, thereby saving you money on lost productivity.



When it comes to your office space, physical appearances really do make a difference where it matters.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Have you noticed that cleaning standards have slipped in your offices recently?

2. Do staff complain to you about the standard of cleanliness or make references alluding to it, such as ‘that green thing lurking in the fridge?’

3. Does your cleaning company cover the everyday cleaning jobs ok, but neglect the big ad hoc ones such as fridges, microwaves and cupboards?

4. Are you a bit hesitant to raise concerns with your cleaning provider? If you have, did you find their response inadequate?

5. Do you wish your cleaning company was a bit more reliable and on-hand?

If you answered yes to more than two of these questions, you may want to consider investing in a different cleaning company – one like Glân which specialises in dependable commercial and deep cleaning.

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